The Top 10 Million Dollar Recruiting Tips to Explode your MLM Business NOW

Recruiting Tip #1: Recruit up - stop talking to people who can simply fog up a mirror!

   Take a look in the mirror and rate yourself on a scale from 1 to 10 based on your mastermind team, success in Network Marketing, habits, etc. Now, let’s say that you are a “7”. From that point on, you must decide to only recruit people that you consider to be a “7” or higher.

   Why? Because it is easy to recruit down, or in other words, to recruit people that you feel you have control over. You must make a decision right now to recruit Champions - people with self- confidence, a high level of personal belief, a positive attitude – and you’ll build a multi-million dollar MLM team.

Recruiting Tip #2: Always have a *Contact Card* with you not a business card. This will earn you financial freedom in MLM.

   You don’t need a business card with a lengthy website, email address or several phone numbers. This makes it impossible for anyone to get in touch with you especially prospects because of simple confusion

   Instead, you only need a basic “contact card” that contains your name, email address, one phone number, and your title, International Champion Recruiter. No more, no less. Yes, you are an International Champion Recruiter so hand out a card that gives everyone that impression and change their lives forever through your business.

Recruiting Tip #3: Make recruiting a daily habit by role-playing with your team and become a recruiting machine.

   You must realize that you are a Recruiting Machine not a Product Pusher. You don’t have to be an expert on your product line, company history or even the Network Marketing industry. Allow your company to do those things for you.

   You are a Recruiter, and you must make recruiting a daily habit. Practice your recruiting style with your MLM team. Yes, every single day! Remember, your habits will predict your future.

Recruiting Tip #4: Contacting three people per day must be your daily goal in order to build a Million Dollar MLM Business.

   Networkers such as yourself get fired-up after a conference call, seminar or boot camp, then go home and call twenty-five people in which you are likely rejected by twenty-four of them. What happens? You are automatically filled with self-doubt along with fear and simply refuse to make any more calls.

   Commit to contacting only three people per day, and your business will explode. Yes, only three! This commitment, along with the other tips that you have learned in this book, will build your belief and shape you into a Network Marketing Millionaire Champion Extraordinaire living true Lifestyle Freedom.

Recruiting Tip #5: Instead of you needing people to make your MLM business successful, develop the mindset that people need what you have in your business to become successful in life.

   The only person that you “need” to be a successful MLM recruiter is YOU! Your belief in your business must be strong, and you must truly believe that your business will ultimately make others successful too!

   The success of your business isn’t based on your ability to recruit that one certain person. Your belief, habits, mindset and heart will enable you to BUILD a Million Dollar M.L.M. Business. Once again…The only person that you “need” in your business to be a successful recruiter is YOU!

   Your belief in yourself and your business must be evident to your prospect so that they truly understand that your business vehicle will assist them in achieving lifestyle freedom.

Recruiting Tip #6: Your commission check is determined by the number of people that you recruit.

   That’s right. Your commission check is not based on your knowledge of the products, your history of the company, etc. The amount of people that you recruit will directly control you becoming a Network Marketing Millionaire!

   Yes, you read this right! Your check solely depends on the number of quality recruits you develop into long-term focused leaders on your team

   So, stop wasting your time memorizing the product ingredients, company perks, etc. Decide today to become a Recruiting Machine in order to develop a highly profitable, life-changing MLM Millionaire Team!

Recruiting Tip #7: Recruiting is and will always be the foundation of your financial freedom.

   The foundation is the most important part of any large, powerful structure. If there are any cracks in the foundation of a skyscraper, then it will crumble.

   Recruiting is the foundation of your Networking Marketing business and must be solid in order for you to become financially free. Build a strong foundation by immersing yourself in personal development material and attending MLM team building events.

   Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you can become a recruiting machine when your entire life and business are set upon a shaky foundation. It will eventually crumble, and nothing will ever change for you.

Recruiting Tip #8: The art of active listening is the key to effectively recruiting MLM Champions.

    So many networkers “talk” their prospects completely out of sponsoring into their business by rambling on. It’s like diarrhea of the mouth!

   When you learn to be an effective listener and master the art of active listening, you will be able to understand your prospect and how your business opportunity will dramatically impact their lives.

   The key is to understand your prospect. You see their reason for deciding to join your team may be different than yours. When you develop the fine art of active listening, you’ll see your MLM team explode!

Recruiting Tip #9: Follow-up with your Champion prospect within 24 to 48 Hours of your initial A-Z presentation.

   Many champion prospects, and several thousands of dollars, have passed right through your hands, because you haven’t kept the momentum flowing after your initial contact with your prospect.

   You must follow-up within twenty-four to forty-eight hours, not four or five days later. You must follow-up in a timely manner and continue to build that relationship between you and your soon to be Champion Teammate.

   This follow-up recruiting tip will keep the momentum flowing and make you a rock-solid, laserfocused, fired-up, hugely successful Champion recruiter!

Recruiting Tip #10: Every single day the next MLM Million Dollar Earner will walk right by you; therefore, you must make the decision to recruit them at that moment before someone else grabs a hold of the opportunity.

   Don’t be afraid to stick your hand out and introduce yourself or give a prospect your contact card. You will regret not prospecting that person when you see him/her at the next local business presentation after someone else took the step that you didn’t.

   As you look around to prospect, you never know who will be right for the business. Allow the individual to make the decision to build a dynasty after you show the A to Z presentation.


The industry of Network Marketing will absolutely, radically change your life! I truly believe that, but you have to treat your MLM business like a business not a hobby. Start today by implementing the strategies that you learned in this article.


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Published on: 10/21/19, 5:27 AM